Jump On In!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Its Fishy!

Hello! Today is a bright new day in my tank. As I was refilling my automatic feeder, I decided to take a few pictures.

This is Speedy! He is very fast. So watch out! He was very hard to get a picture of!

I forgot what kind of fish this is, so I just call 'em my algae eaters. They don't really eat much algae though. It kinda frustrates me because I get so much algae and they don't eat it. Im pretty sure the algae is the one eating them [one of my algae eaters disapeared] LOL!

I'll be back tomorrow with more fish adventures. Until then, catch a wave! :-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet My Fish

These are my fish. I own a 55 gallon tank with 11 fish. I have 3 normal tiger barbs, 3 albino tiger barbs, 2 rasboras, 2 algae eaters (actually, 3, but I have not seen one of them in a while..LOL), and 1 pictus catfish. I used to have 3 rasboras, but my pictus catfish also known as Speedy, ate one of them because it was tiny. Speedy is known for those types of things...! I also used to have 2 yellow mollys, but those did not do well adapting to my tank. I have also had some other fish, but I will tell you about them as I get around to it.
Take a look at some pictures!
These are my tiger barbs. The yellowish ones are Albino Tiger barbs. I did not name these, because, they are too hard to tell apart!

More Tiger Barbs, and, In the corner, a Rasbora!

You can see the Albino Tiger barbs pretty tail!

A close up of some of the Tiger Barbs. The one closest to the right, is my tiniest Tiger barb. I named him Micro, but Mike for short. He is easy to tell apart because hes so small.

I will show you more fish and pictures as time goes on. For now, have fun and enjoy!